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The Heartland- Alliance of Divine Love
Vision:    Creating the Sacred through Light, Love and Service” Mission:         Living   the   Greatest   Degree   of   Love,   we   are   creating   a   community   of   spirituality, diversity, and acceptance by seeing and embracing Creation in all its beauty.
The   Alliance   of   Divine   Love   is   an   international,   interfaith   ministry   which   recognizes   and   honors   the validity and wisdom of all faith traditions. In   the   spring   of   2009,   a   committee   of   local Alliance   of   Divine   Love   ministers   brought   the   international ADL   conference   to   Kansas   City   for   the   first   time.      The   theme   chosen   for   the   conference      CREATING THE   SACRED   -   Walking   in   Beauty   &   Light    and   included   the   expression   of   the   Sacred   through   music, dance   and   arts.      In   2013,   the   Heartland   ministers   again   invited   minisers   from   across   the   country   to meet    at    Unity    Village    Retreat    Center    for    a    weelend    celebrating    SACRED    SPACES    -    SACRED PLACES. Beginning   in   january   of   2013,   the   Heartland   ministers   also   instituted   a   community   outreach   program, Vistas:   Views   from   the   Mountaintop,   monthly   spiritual   gatherings   which   explore   the   many   pathways   to the Divine. Heartland   ADL,   expressive   both   of   our   location   in   the   Heartland   of   the   country   and   the   “heart”   with which we approach our work. Heartland   ministers   are   well-known   through   the   interfaith   community,   through   collestive   and   individual work.        In    2010,    the    Heartland    ADL    accepted    the    lead    responsibility    for    the    Annual    Interfaith Thanksgiving   Ritual   Dinner,   an   event   which   became   an   annual   event   in   1984.      In   its   first   year   as   host, Heartland   ADL   created   the   Vern   Barnet   Interfaith   Service   Award,   which   is   given   annually   at   the Interfaith Thanksgiving Dinner.
The “Flame of Eternal Creation” signifies our belief in the power of Divine Creativity and our joyful participation in that process.
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