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Rev. Dr. Barbara Rothwell Phone: 1-608-770-7073 Email: Rev. Dr. Barbara Rothwell, comes from a long line of artists and humanitarians. Her artistic work can be found in a multitude of medias, while her humanitarian work is less seen but felt by the individuals she has helped. Ordained in 1976, she managed to fit her ministerial work around her professional career and volunteer work with numerous non-profit organizations. The majority of her ministerial time has been spent working and helping those that were experiencing loss (spiritually, emotionally or physically), as well as performing a wedding or two along the way. She also, is currently a ADL mentor to individuals seeking to become an ADL minister.
Rev. Gregory L. McCoy - Chapel of Divine Truth Phone: 816-737-5979 Email: Rev. Greg is a Spiritual Evolutionist following an Earth-honoring, inclusive and alternative spiritual path to enlightenment and healing through active creating, facilitating rituals and ceremonies encompassing broadbased religious and spiritual views. (also see Officers ) Ceremonies: Weddings (including two-minister weddings), Commitment Ceremonies, Memorials, Baby Blessings, House Blessings and Ceremonies for Pets Counseling/Healing: Spiritual Counseling, Energy Healing, including Reiki and Healing Touch Modalities, Guided Meditations and Drumming Teaching: ADL Spiritual and Ministerial classes, Meditation techniques, Discussion Groups (to help develop spiritual and conscious potential) Other: Artist, Linguist (scots-gaelic), genealogist intermediate level, wedding coordination and planning, event planning, interfaith work, multicultural education, small discussion group leader, Distributor of Young Living Essential Oils
The ministers of the Heartland ministers follow various spiritual paths. The Alliance of Divine Love proclaims no doctrine, except a belief in the power of Divine Love. If you are looking for a minister to perform ceremony, a spiritual teacher, or counselor, we invite you to read these listings from our local ministers. Feel free to contact these ministers directly (by clicking on the email address or calling the listed telephone number) to discuss your needs. HINT: If you’re looking for a minister for something specific (like a wedding or Reiki), just press Ctrl + F and type that into the Find box.
Rev. Mary Gibson McCoy - Evolving Spirit Chapel Phone: 816-737-5979 Email: mccoy3605@hotmail. com Rev. Mary follows an Earthwalking Path in the service of Evolving Spirituality; she believes in the Universal Energy and promotes healing through Reiki, Healing Touch, and the power of Love. She specializes in unique and personalized ceremonies and ministerial support and interfaith and multicultural work that brings people together in peace and understanding. (also see Officers ) Ceremonies: Weddings (including two-minister weddings), Commitment Ceremonies, Funerals, Memorials, Baby Blessings, House Blessings, Ceremonies for Pets Couseling/Healing: Spiritual Counseling, Energy Healing, including Reiki and Healing Touch modalities, Guided Meditations and Drumming Teaching: ADL Spiritual and Ministerial classes, Meditation techniques Other: wedding coordination and planning, event planning and consultation, interfaith work, multicultural education, group work through dialogue, discussion, organization consultant, for individuals and groups.
Rev. Marci Reardon - Deer Field House Phone: Email: Rev. Marci’s Spiritual environment is Earth-based expressed through Native American Spirituality and Paganism with an emphasis on women’s spiritual events, helping and teaching people a more centered way of living. (also see Officers ) Ceremonies: Weddings, Commitment Ceremonies, Funerals, Memorial and Graveside services, House Clearing and Blessings Counseling/Healing: Reiki Treatments, Tarot Readings, Herbal Potions, Lotions and Salves, Counseling regarding the process involved in assuming care of an ailing or aging Parent - Pros and Cons Teaching: Usui and Karuna Reiki courses levels 1,2 and 3. Beginning study of Herbs and their uses Other: basic camping skills, basic skills for first-time home owners, basic cooking skills, beginning sewing/mending, tutoring adults in the preparation for taking the GED test.
Rev. Lee “Stumbling Deer” Slusher Phone: 816-697-3880 Email: Rev. Lee “Stumbling Deer” Slusher is primary Elder of the Kansas City Pipe Circle and the visionary creator and Dance Leader of the annual Stone People’s Dance. He also serves as American Indian Spirituality Alternate on the Greater Kansas City Interfaith Council. Ceremonies: Weddings, Memorials Counseling/Healing: Spiritual Counseling, Ceremony, Drumming and Chanting Teaching: ADL Ministerial classes Other: hand-thrown pottery artist, Native American cedar flute musician and recording artist.
Rev. Therese Inzerillo Phone: 602-579-1994 Email: Website: Rev. Therese Inzerillo has studied spirituality, world religions, metaphysics and holistic healing for the past 22 years. Her passion is to use her gifts of healing, speaking and intuition to uplift, inspire and enlighten individuals in their quest to live healthy, balanced lives, embrace their Divinity and learn to use their intuition to enhance their relationship with Spirit. Ceremonies: Ceremonies and Gatherings Coaching/Healing: Licenced massage therapist, competent in various forms of massage and energy work; Usui Reiki and Mahatma Reiki; Reflexology, Therapeutic Touch, Chakra Balancing, Aromatherapy, Past Life Regression, and various other healing modalities. Teaching: Meditation Other:
Rev. Janet Olson Phone: 913-378-3663 Email: LinkedIn: https: Rev. Janet is a healer and firewalker, a motivational speaker, life coach and massage therapist. She is a practioner of alternative medicine, educated as a Chinese herbalist through the International Institute of Chinese Medicine. A guardan of the Earth, she’s heavily involved in sustainable agriculture and food sources.
Ceremonies: Weddings, memorials, house-cleansings Teaching: Chi Kung, Tai Chi, Reiki, Certified trainer of “8toGreat, the most powerful process for positive change”. Healing: Reiki Master, Chinese herbalist, nutrition for health and healing. Other: Rev. Janet loves to work with animals and children. She cares for several horses and other animals on her property and often teaches children at Unity of the Heartland.
Rev. Dr. Kara Hawkins Phone: 816-509-7984 Email:
Kara is a life-long apprentice of the traditional Grandmother Ways of the family tradition going back generation. Her mentor Jimm GoodTracks, author of numerous manuscripts and books relating to the language, culture and spirituality of the Ioway-Otoe- Missouria People.
Rev. Dr. Kara serves as Head Cook for the ceremonials and is authorized to lead ts family lodge. In the Kansas City community, Rev. Dr. Kara serves as Elder and Ceremonial leader for the Kansas City Pipe Circle, an American Indian Spirituality based group that began in 1986 by Nate Scarritt, a seven- year Bear Tribe apprentice who had been asked to start the Pipe Circle in Kansas City by Sun Bear (1929-1992). Rev. Dr. Kara served for many years as American Indian Spirituality Faith Member of the Greater Kansas City Interfaith Council and coodinates its Speakers Bureau and as a board member of the Institute for Spirituality at Shawnee Mission Medical Center in Shawnee Mission, Kansas. She has collaborated on numerous writing projects.