An Interfaith Ministerial Alliance Serving the Heartland
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Rev.   Mary’s   passion   in   life   is   to   bring   people together   in   love,   knowledge,   community   and Spirit.      She   was   ordained   in   2006   through ADL and     follows     an     Earthwalking     Path     in     the service   of   Evolving   Spirituality.      She   believes   in the    Universal    Energy    and    promotes    healing through   Reiki,   Healing   Touch,   and   the      power     of  Love.     She  is  an  At-Large    
Ordained   in   2006,   Rev.   Greg   is   an   accomplished artist    and    linguist,    a    Spiritual    Evolutionist    who follows   an   Earth-honoring,   inclusive,   and   alternative Spiritual   Path   to   Enlightenment   and   Healing.      He   is a   Reiki   Master   and   student   of   Healing   Touch.      He   is Vice-President    of    the    Heartland    Chapter    of    the Alliance    of    Divine    Love,    an    Alternate        At-Large Member    of    the    Greater    Member    of    the    Greater Kansas   City   Interfaith   Council   and   a   member   of   the Permanent     Executive     Committee     of     Cultural Crossroads, Inc. Rev.   Greg   has   a   background   in   Fine Arts   and Art   History.      His   creative   outlets are   varied,   as   he   is   a   percussionist   as   well   as   an   artist   and   is   currently   Web Designer    for    the    Heartland    Chapter-ADL.        He    is    an    intermediate-level genealogist   and   a   linguist   and   has,   for   many   years,   taught   Scots-Gaelic language   and   Celtic   Studies   through   public   and   private   lessons.      He   is   also   a licensed Radiologic Technologist (retired). He   leads   ceremonies   and   discussion   groups,   in   which   he   helps   to   develop spiritual   and   consciousness   potential,   and   focuses   on   artistic   expression   of the Sacred through classes, exhibits and conferences.
Rev. Mary R. McCoy: Secretary
Rev. Gregory L. McCoy: President
Rev. Marcia D. Reardon: Treasurer
Both   before   and   since   ordination   as   an Alliance   of Divive   Love   minister,   Rev.   Marci   has   been   active in    helping    people    and    teaching    more    centered ways   of   living.      Her   spiritual   environment   is   Earth- based,      practiced      through      Native     American Spirituality    and    Paganism,    and    she    has    been active   for   many   years   with   the   Kansas   City   Pipe Circle,  the Heartland Spiritual 
Alliance,    the    Northern    Cherokee    community,    the    Gaia    Goddess Gathering, and many women’s spiritual events.  She is also active in    the    larger    community,    including,    as    a    volunteer    for    the    Greater Kansas   City   Interfaith   Council,   the   Raytown   School   District   and   Cultural Crossroads. Rev.   Marci   says:      After   over   30   years   in   the   corporate   world   and   the world   of   acedemia,   I   found   myself   being   directed   to   follow   the   spiritual path    that    I    had    been    following    for    most    of    my    life.        Prayer    and meditation   helped   me   make   the   decision   to   become   an   Alliance   of Divine   Love   interfaith   minister.      Immediately   following   the   ordination ceremony,   my   duty   was   to   establish   my   church   and   its   mission.      Deer Field   House   was   created   with   the   intent   of   being   a   source   for   healing and helping others within the community.
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Member   of   the   Greater   Kansas   City   Interfaith   Council.      She   is Founder   and   President   of   Cultural   Crossroads,   Inc.,   a   nonprofit 501c3   organization   which   conducts   multicultural   education   with   a focus on the commonalities among peoples. Prior   to   founding   Cultural   Crossroads,   Inc.,   she   was   founder   and director     of     IDIMO     Dancers/Dance     America,     a     performing international   dance   troupe,   and   was   a   teacher   and   co-director   of a    community-based    ethnic    dance    organization,    as    well    as    a member/performer with numerous ethnic dance groups. Recently    retired    from    full-time    employment    as    a    real    estate attorney   with   30   years   experience   in   title   underwriting,   she   holds a   B.A.   from   UMKC   Law   School.      She   also   served   as   director   and officer   of   various   professional   real   estate   associations   during   her real estate career.
Rev. Janet Olson: Vice- President/Trustee
Rev.    Janet    is    a    healer    and    firewalker,    a motivatioonal      speaker,      life      coach      and massage   therapist.      She   is   a   practioner   of alternative   medicine,   educated   as   a   Chinese herbalist    through    the    Institute    of    Chinese Medicine.        Aguardian    of    the    Earth,    she    is heavily   inolved   in   sustainable   agriculture   and food sources.  Rev. Janet loves to work with           
animals   on   her   property   and   often   teaches   children   at   Unity   of   the Heartand.